Level 5 Apprenticeship - Operations/Departmental Manager

Who is the programme aimed at?

Individuals undertaking the Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager apprenticeship usually have responsibility for managing teams/or projects, and for achieving operational or departmental goals and objectives linked to the wider business strategy. They will be managed by a senior manager or business owner and may be in any size of organisation or sector; the generic management skills they use will be the same irrespective of the role. Key activities might include creating and delivering operational plans, project management, leading and managing teams, managing change, financial and resource management, talent management, coaching and mentoring.

How will the programme be delivered?

Although it is optional, our Operations/Departmental apprentices are offered opportunity to study the CMI Level 5 Certificate or Diploma in Management and Leadership as part of their programme of learning.

Those who don’t already hold certification for maths and English at level 2, will work towards achievement of this by the end of their apprenticeship.

Throughout the programme they will work on one or more work-based projects, use activities on our Management Direct virtual learning environment to underpin their learning, complete assignments and participate in meetings with a skills-assessor and with their line manager, to review progress and provide support.

Individual learning plans are put in place for each apprentice so that the programme is tailored to specific needs of the individual and the organisation. The following provides an overview however, of what the apprenticeship might look like:

Introduction to the apprenticeship

  • Initial programme planning through the use of diagnostics and a learning needs analysis – this involves the apprentice, employer and ourselves.
  • An induction into the apprenticeship for both the apprentice and the employer.
  • Registration and enrolment onto the CMI Level 5 Certificate/Diploma in Management and Leadership (if required).

On programme

  • One-to-one coaching and skills development at the workplace (Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership only)
    (Or)  Delivery of masterclasses at your premises, or at our Doncaster-based learning centre near Robin Hood Airport (4 or more apprentices).
  • Dependent on the apprentice’s particular needs and prior achievement, learning may include:
    • The context of operational leadership and management
    • Developing, managing and leading a team
    • Managing stakeholder relationships
    • Managing projects
    • Managing change
    • Creating and delivering operational plans
    • Managing finance
    • Managing your own development
  • Completing online activities, assignments and work-based projects in-between master classes.
  • Activities to prepare for end-point assessment.
  • Attending progress review meetings every three months. 
  • Participating in formative assessment to establish progress towards ‘gateway’ and readiness for end-point assessment.
  • Online learning for Maths and English where required.

End-Point Assessment

This is the activity undertaken by all apprentices at the end of their training, to ensure they have met all elements of the apprenticeship standard and to provide a grade for the apprentice’s achievement. The end-point assessor will work independently and won’t have been involved in the apprenticeship training programme. The employer meets the fees charged by the EPA organisation through the digital account.

Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager end-point assessment  activities consist of:

  • A test to assess knowledge through scenarios, questions and responses
  • A structured competency based interview to assess competency
  • Assessment of a portfolio of evidence
  • Presentation on work-based project with question and answer session
  • Review of record of Continuing Professional Development
  • Professional discussion

We will support end-point assessment by:

  • Supporting you in choosing which EPA organisation to use.
  • Providing practice materials to help your apprentices feel confident and prepared for EPA.
  • Support your apprentices in completing a work-based project to be submitted for EPA, recording and evidencing their CPD and compiling their portfolio.

20% Off-The-Job Learning

A requirement of apprenticeship funding through your digital account is that each apprentice must be allowed to use 20% of their contracted hours, throughout their apprenticeship, undertaking off the job learning. We will help you plan how this is going to work and much of it will be taken up through our masterclasses, assignments, VLE activities and any learning planned by the employer either in-house or using external learning opportunities.

How long will the apprenticeship programme last?

About 2 to 3 years, although it really depends on the apprentice’s learning needs.

The apprenticeship can be commenced at any point in time.

cHRysos HR is proud to support all apprentices in recognising their achievement by inviting them along to our Celebration of Achievement graduation ceremony which takes place annually. We invite all apprentices and other learners who have successfully completed their programme of study with us over the past year.

Funding for the apprenticeship

Funding for the apprenticeship comes from the employer’s digital account. The maximum fee, including EPA, is £9000. The maximum amount that the end-point assessment organisation can charge for EPA is £1350.

When we have a clear picture of the apprentice’s learning requirements we are able to confirm our fee.

What about progressing further?

After completion, apprentices can register as full members with the Chartered Management Institute and those with 3 years’ experience in a management role can apply to CMI for the prestigious status of Chartered Manager.

They may also look at progressing to the Level 6 Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship or Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship (Level 7).