CMI Level 7 Qualifications in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Our level 7 qualifications in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring are ideal for those providing coaching and mentoring to managers and leaders and are also designed for managers and leaders who have the authority and responsibility for developing and implementing a coaching and mentoring strategy across their organisation.

These qualifications will build on your own strategic management and leadership skills and help you to focus on the requirements of embedding the organisation’s strategy for coaching and mentoring.

There are some great subjects covered including Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Skills, Organisational Coaching and Mentoring and Coaching and Mentoring Policies.

There are three CMI Level 7 qualifications in Coaching and Mentoring

Learner membership of the CMI is free of charge as part of your programme and you may wish to look at ways of upgrading your membership level once your qualification is completed.

At cHRysos HR you can study these qualifications through the following route:

  • Work-based – Rather than going to classes, you work on a one to one with a tutor-assessor.