Our Key Policies

The team at cHRysos HR are committed to be the best they can be.

We use our Mission Statement, Vision and Values to help us achieve this.

Our Mission is …

To provide a positive experience for all our clients that supports individuals in realising their potential and supports businesses in engaging with their employees.

To promote professionalism, integrity and leadership in managing people.

Our Vision is …

To be chosen by our clients because:

  • We are professional, helpful and approachable.
  • We treat people as individuals and do our best to understand what they need from us.
  • We provide a flexible approach to our services that meets diverse needs and is inclusive.

Our Values are …

A Safe Place to Learn

  • Committed to providing a safe, supportive learning environment
  • Addressing anything that gets in the way

Focused on our Customers

  • Committed to understanding and meeting the needs of all our learners and other clients
  • We genuinely want people to ‘like us and how we do things’.

Working as a Team

  • Each doing our bit for the team
  • Giving a helping hand without being asked
  • Working together for the best outcome we can achieve

Our Key Policies …

As an independent training provider, it is our responsibility to keep safe those we provide a service to. Our commitment to Safeguarding and Prevent (see Safeguarding & Prevent Duty) helps us do all we can to achieve this.

We have several other key policies and procedures which underpin our work by setting out what you can expect from us, and our expectations of those we provide a service to or work alongside.