Apprenticeships in HR

Which Apprenticeship?


Level 3 Apprenticeship - HR Support

HR Support apprentices could be working in any size organisation. Typically in a medium to large business they are part of a larger HR function providing support to both managers and employees and may be responsible for managing a team, whilst in a smaller organisation they may be the only professional with responsibility for HR.

Their responsibilities are likely to be wide-ranging and include dealing with day-to-day queries and giving advice on different aspects of the employment life-cycle, keeping records, providing data and other information, applying company policy and employment law and minimising risk to the organisation.

Entry requirements for the apprenticeship are determined by the employer and the apprenticeship programme is typically 18 months, depending on the level of knowledge and experience that the apprentice already has.

Whilst there is no mandatory requirement for apprentices completing this programme to undertake an accredited Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualification, cHRysos HR offers the CIPD Foundation Certificate in People Practice within the apprenticeship delivery, and once successfully completed, the apprentice will be awarded CIPD Foundation level membership (Foundation CIPD).


Level 5 Apprenticeship - People Professional

Typically those undertaking this apprenticeship will be a HR Consultant or HR Business Partner in a medium-large business, or HR Manager in a smaller organisation, often leading on key projects, identifying the right solution to challenges within the business, making recommendations and providing advice to middle and senior level managers whilst promoting best practice and influencing thinking. Their role will be closely linked to business priorities and objectives.

Apprentices undertaking the programme with cHRysos HR will complete the CIPD Associate Diploma in People Management, developing knowledge, skills and behaviours across the field of HR.

Programme duration is approximately 2 years, depending on the apprentice’s existing level of knowledge and experience and whether or not they have previously completed the Level 3 Apprenticeship in HR Support. Any entry requirements are determined by the employer.

On successful completion, the apprentice will be awarded Associate level membership of the CIPD (Assoc CIPD).


Level 7 Apprenticeship – Senior People Professional

Senior People Professionals work in organisations of all sizes and sectors and have a focus on the support and management of employees, working to improve people practices so that organisational performance and effectiveness is maximised. Their expertise is in people, work, and change - getting the best out of people whilst being up to date with employment legislation to ensure the organisation is compliant in its people practices.

Senior People Professionals usually specialise in Human Resources (HR), Learning and Development (L&D) or Organisation Development (OD) and the Apprenticeship Standard has core and optional elements to cater for this.

Apprentices undertaking the Senior People Professional apprenticeship following a HR pathway will complete the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management with cHRysos HR.