CIPD Learning & Development Qualifications

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How Do I Choose The Right Level Of Qualification?


Our Foundation level qualifications provide a great introduction to HR and L&D. They are highly recognised by employers and give you the opportunity to develop practical skills in your chosen field.

They are ideal for those starting out in a HR or L&D role, wishing to make a career change or working in a support level role such as L&D Co-ordinator and HR Administrator.


Our Intermediate qualifications build on your expertise in HR or Learning & Development by developing your skills in problem-solving, planning and analysing.  You will also develop a greater understanding of organisations and learn how to evaluate HR and L&D models and practices.

Whereas studying at Foundation level will develop your practical skills and underpinning knowledge, at Intermediate level you will also look at things from more of an organisational perspective, like factors that impact on an organisation’s strategy and decision-making.  There is a much greater emphasis on theory, as well as practice and a commitment to a higher number of hours of independent study.


CIPD Advanced level qualifications are the flagship qualifications for HR and Learning & Development and are widely recognised by employers. 

Completing a postgraduate qualification means you will have a great depth of knowledge, an understanding of the context of HR and the leadership, management and development of employees. You will develop and use skills in critical analysis and reflection and know how to develop HR and L&D strategy that will drive organisational performance.

At this level of study you will be asked to evaluate and critically analyse models and concepts and to apply these to the context of an organisation.  As a Masters-level qualification, you will need to be able to commit to an extensive programme of study, be very self-motivated and self-disciplined so that you make good progress, as well as being capable of studying at this academic level.