Level 3 Apprenticeship - HR Support

Who is the programme aimed at?

The Level 3 HR apprenticeship is normally appropriate for those whose role involves front line HR support provided to managers and employees. They might deal with daily operational matters, handling queries, providing advice on employment law or company policy and have involvement with a range of HR processes such as recruitment, performance management and disciplinary matters. Their role is likely to include keeping records and providing data to enable decisions to be made. They may be part of a team, or a stand-alone role in a small organisation.

How will the programme be delivered?

Our Level 3 HR apprentices study the CIPD Foundation Certificate in HR. 

CIPD Foundation Certificate in HR Practice

Undertaking an apprenticeship is different in many ways however, to the traditional approach to completing a professional qualification - there are extra elements such as studying maths and English if the apprentice hasn’t previously achieved Grade 2 or above in these subjects.  There are also work-based activities to complete and review meetings with a skills-assessor and their line manager.

What the programme looks like and how it is delivered really depends upon individual need, but the information below gives you an idea of what is involved:

Introduction to the apprenticeship

  • A learning needs analysis and diagnostics to help us plan your programme
  • Induction to the programme for both the apprentice and the line manager
  • Registration on the CIPD Foundation Certificate. 

On programme

  • Choice of method of delivery for knowledge and skills elements of the programme:
    • attendance at workshops two days a month, normally at our training centre in Doncaster, including some self-managed study time.
    • (Or) Delivery of workshops at your workplace premises (4 or more apprentices).
    • (Or) One-to-one coaching (CIPD Foundation Certificate only).
  • Dependent on individual needs, learning will include:
    • HR’s role within the business
    • Recording, analysing and using data in HR
    • Employment law and employee relations
    • Managing your own development
    • Recruitment and talent management
    • Performance and reward management
    • Supporting change within organisations
    • Coaching and mentoring
  • In between workshops, apprentices work on completing assignments and workplace projects.
  • Skills development and transfer of learning into the workplace is supported by apprentices building a record of their continuing professional development – also providing evidence of achievement of the apprenticeship standard.
  •  3-monthly review meetings with the line manager and the apprentice. 
  • On-programme assessment to track progress towards ‘gateway’ and readiness for end-point assessment.
  • Maths and English online learning, with tutor support as required.

End-Point Assessment

End-point assessment is a final activity that takes place at the end of the apprenticeship training, to determine if the apprentice has met all the requirements of the apprenticeship standard. This is undertaken by an independent end-point assessment organisation and the fees for this come out of your digital account.

For the Level 3 HR Support apprenticeship, the end-point assessment consists of a consultative project and a professional discussion. Our role in this will be:

  • Helping you make a decision about which EPAO you want to use.
  • Agreeing the scope of the project with yourselves and the EPA and providing support with its completion.
  • Supporting apprentices in preparing for the professional discussion.

20% Off-The-Job Learning

A key requirement of an apprenticeship programme is that employers must allow apprentices to spend 20% of their contracted hours on off the job learning throughout their apprenticeship. We will help you decide how this time is spent - likely to be a mixture of time studying with us, undertaking workplace learning and attending other learning activities within or outside the organisation.

How long will the apprenticeship programme last?

About 12-18 months, depending on individual need. There are several points throughout the year when apprentices can start as our approach to delivery is roll-on roll-off.

Funding for the apprenticeship

Funding is normally provided through the employer’s digital account. 

Once we have an understanding of the apprentice’s needs and any accredited prior learning we can provide an exact price. The maximum fee will normally be £5000, including the amount charged by the End Point Assessment Organisation.

Apprentices undertaking the CIPD qualification also need to take up student membership of the CIPD and are awarded Associate level membership on completion, or if the end-point assessment is carried out by a CIPD-approved provider.

Once successfully completed, we invite all our apprentices to join us in celebrating their great achievement at our Celebration of Achievement held in graduation-style every year.

What about progressing further?

After successfully completing the Level 3 Apprenticeship in HR Support, individuals are able to progress onto the Level 5 Apprenticeship – HR Consultant/Partner which includes working towards the CIPD Intermediate Certificate or Diploma in HR Management.