New policies & procedures help company identify needs and invest in their business

New policies & procedures help company identify needs and invest in their business

Our client profile

Morgan Lambert Ltd is a well-established company with over 50 employees providing a comprehensive package of services designed to assist social housing providers in managing their gas activities and fulfilling their landlord and compliance obligations.

Morgan Lambert approached Chrysos after an internal review of their current administrative policies and procedures suggested they needed an update.

The need to work with a local partner was important to the company, who had already approached a handful of organisations. They ultimately found the definitive costs and services provided within the cHRysos HR package options suited their business requirement.

Our solution

The package of HR services provided for Morgan Lambert incorporated a review of their existing contracts, policies and procedures. The company were specifically focused on the their commitment to the implementation of an effective process of reviewing performance, which links the performance and development of the individual employee to Morgan Lambert’s Company values and the key requirements of individual’s roles.

Their outcome

Morgan Lambert's policies and procedures now reflect current legislation and best practice allowing them to be able to appropriately assess the performance of their staff. They have been able to identify better methods of assessing their staff’s learning requirements enabling them to invest in them and subsequently the future of their business.