Study with cHRysos HR enhanced credibility, confidence and understanding in the HR field

Study with cHRysos HR enhanced credibility, confidence and understanding in the HR field

Our client

Michael Smith is an Employment Law Consultant and Non-Executive Director working for Peninsula Business Services and Embrace MAT.

Their need

When I found out I was being medically discharged from the Royal Marines, I had to choose another career path.  As a Manager in the Royal Marines we adopt a Generalist HR approach within the organisation, such as advising senior managers, learning and development programs, organisational development and improving employee relations for the operational output. So choosing this qualification underpinned the knowledge, skills and behaviours for me to progress in the HR field.

Why cHRysos HR?

When going through the transition of departing the Royal Marines I conducted research to find appropriate providers for the qualification I studied, cHRysos HR was a recognised provider as used my enhanced learning credits to fund this course. I also went onto the cHRysos HR website and found this very useful as I could see the tutors had credible knowledge in the HR field and this exposure would give me confidence to conduct this course of study.

Their outcome

This study has given me much more confidence in understanding the systems and processes in the HR field. When conducting work and identifying strategies I look now to underpin these with academic theories and previous case studies to back up my justification for future planning. 

This qualification has enabled me to progress onto the Level 7 Award in Employment Law (CIPD). This has also enhanced my credibility as a Non-Executive Director and now I can bring more knowledge and support when relied upon with the Multi Academy Trust, ultimately supporting the development of education standards for the children associated with the trust.

This qualification has also enhanced my credibility within my current job role and I hope to stay in this position for the next twelve months then look for a promotion internally or I will apply externally for a Business Partner position to assist my end career goal of becoming a HR Director.

Their Recommendation

From day one I was welcomed by tremendous staff, the facilities were brilliant, the support when going through the assignments were great and feedback was easy to digest, simplifying all the points and learning objectives needed for each unit.

Any problems I had going through the Fast-track Diploma were ironed out at the soonest opportunity and the overall support from everyone involved was great and this made this course of study enjoyable.

When going through stages of securing employment the tutors were there offer support, this gave me confidence throughout this process. 

I would definitely recommend cHRysos  HR Solutions to any future employer and anybody who is interested in getting a qualification in Human Resources.