Top 10 Tips for... Encouraging wellbeing in the workplace

Top 10 Tips for... Encouraging wellbeing in the workplace
  1. Encourage staff to make healthy choices about what they eat at work.  One suggestion is to promote healthy eating days when employees bring in different healthy foods and share what they have brought.  Eating a balanced diet helps to maintain energy levels and boosts performance. 
  2. Make sure staff have access to drinking water as a much healthier alternative to tea and coffee.  Regularly drinking water helps to keep headaches at bay and is more refreshing than less healthier alternatives.
  3. Organise health promotion sessions at lunch time such as yoga and relaxation classes.
  4. Provide support to help smokers beat their habit.  There are a number of organisations such as QUIT who can offer workplace support with smoking. 
  5. If you have employees whose jobs involve long periods of time where they are sedentary, encourage them to take a break regularly, go for a walk, take the stairs instead of the lift, cycle or walk to work – a good idea to promote this amongst all staff not just those in sedentary jobs.
  6. Under health and safety legislation, employees are entitled to regular, reasonable breaks during their working day.  Set an area aside that they can go to get away from their desk.
  7. Ensure that staff who area seated for long periods of time know about correct posture and have a chair with back support as well as a desk and computer at the right height and positioned in the right place.
  8. Encourage staff to have lunch away from their desk so that they get a proper break.
  9. Train staff in manual handling to minimise back injury.
  10. Keep an eye out for work-related stress, depression or anxiety as this can have a great impact on wellbeing in the workplace and ultimately on performance.   Talk to staff who may be at risk and those you are concerned about.

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