Team cHRysos Walk 'Around Great Britain' in Fundraising Challenge

Team cHRysos Walk 'Around Great Britain' in Fundraising Challenge

The team here at cHRysos HR are aiming to raise money for three worthy charities, while getting some time away from their laptops, by walking and cycling the virtual distance of the England Coast Path - a huge 4,500km!

In uncertain times like these, the cHRysos HR team wanted to take part in this challenge to stay active, keep spirits high and raise money for three very worthy causes. All of the funds will be going to three chosen charities; Mind, the mental health charity working across England & Wales, Samaritans, providing a safe place for anyone struggling to cope and SafeLives, a UK charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse, for good. 


Each week, the staff members taking part will be walking or cycling across different areas of the beautiful English coastline and although their final goal will be a team effort, they have also added a bit of friendly competition into the mix. The team have divided themselves into six small groups who will all be striving to travel the furthest distance every week.

The latest team update shows how far each time has walked so far:

Week 10 update - Moving along the southern tip

This week our intrepid teams continued along the southern coast toward the southeast trail, with the coming week seeing Portsmouth, Bognor, worthing Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings. There are lots of interesting spots to enjoy along the way including at:


Here's a round up of the latest achievements, showing the Unstoppabubbles streaking ahead with 781.3 miles!

  • Blister Sisters: 300.8 miles
  • Coast Busters: 378.4 miles
  • The Peak Performers: 239.1 miles
  • Red Hot Chilli Steppers: 384 miles
  • Legs Misérables: 291.8 miles
  • Unstoppabubbles: 781.3 miles

Total distance travelled: 2375.2 miles

Week 8 update - The team continues around around the south west!

  • Blister Sisters: 216.9 miles
  • Coast Busters: 306.3 miles
  • The Peak Performers: 192.6 miles
  • Red Hot Chilli Steppers: 327.5 miles
  • Legs Misérables: 242 miles
  • Unstoppabubbles: 624 miles

Total distance travelled: 1909.3 miles

Week 7 update - Who's in the lead?

  • Blister Sisters: 206.9 miles
  • Coast Busters: 265.2 miles
  • The Peak Performers: 164.6 miles
  • Red Hot Chilli Steppers: 282.3 miles
  • Legs Misérables: 203 miles
  • Unstoppabubbles: 533.4 miles

Total distance travelled: 1655.4 miles 
Well done to the Unstoppabubbles for smashing 500 miles!

Week 6 update - the team passed the 1,000 mile mark!

  • Blister Sisters: 116.3 miles
  • Coast Busters: 197.5 miles
  • The Peak Performers: 132.1 miles
  • Red Hot Chilli Steppers: 219.1 miles
  • Legs Misérables: 154.3 miles
  • Unstoppabubbles: 339 miles

Total distance travelled: 1158.3

 Week 5 update:

  • Blister Sisters: 101.3 miles
  • Coast Busters: 152.1 miles
  • The Peak Performers: 99.2 miles
  • Red Hot Chilli Steppers: 181.6 miles
  • Legs Miserables: 125.7 miles
  • Unstoppabubbles: 259.9 miles

The total distance travelled by the cHRysos team so far is a whopping 919.8 miles!

The cHRysos team are hoping to raise £2000 for these incredible worthwhile charities. All contributions are gratefully received - to make a donation or to find out more, click here to visit our Just Giving page.


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