The Distractions of Time Management

The Distractions of Time Management

Is it me, or does the technology that is meant to save us time, often invade our time?

It’s great, for example, that we have instant messaging with email, Skype messaging, Twitter etc. but I often find that I get distracted by technology.  I can be working on a project, such as writing this blog and then an email alert pops up at the bottom of my screen and I’m whisked off to another task because the first few words of the alert interested me enough to make me click on it!  I know… I know … I need to have some self-discipline.

I guess the reality of the situation is that no matter what advances of technology we surround ourselves with, time management needs some fundamental skills and attributes such as:

  • Being clear about what it is you want to do or achieve;
  • Defining your boundaries or limits;
  • Working through tasks in a progressive, structured manner;
  • Using time management techniques you find useful – I am an avid user of the to-do list;
  • Having the commitment to see a task through to completion.

The last one on the list is the key; it is one thing being clear about what has to be done and intending to do it; it’s another thing being committed to doing it.  Maybe it’s this that gets me to click on that email alert … one for me to reflect on?

We should never underestimate the importance of managing our time well.  The skills and attributes have a powerful impact not just on our working life, but also on personal and family life.

Do you find yourself distracted by technology?  Do you have any hints or tips for effective time management that work for you?


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