Things we can learn in the workplace from Olympic Athletes

Things we can learn in the workplace from Olympic Athletes

They say practice makes perfect, but there are many things our Olympic athletes do that make a significant difference to their performance and success.

Here are just ten of them that could have a positive impact on you and your team:

  1. Forty winks: Sleep is vital. Make sure you’re getting your quota.
  2. Fuel up: Filling yourself up with nutritious food – without leaving it too long between ‘pit-stops’ – is hugely important. Step away from the computer to do it too.
  3. Mind matters: Mindfulness may be the buzz word of the moment, but mental agility and toughness doesn’t come without establishing those pockets of inner calm you can retreat to when needed.
  4. Visualisation: Many athletes who practice this have run their winning race or performed their stellar routine in their heads, many times before the actual event. This is a great technique for many things, including public speaking.
  5. Focus: List your goals for the day, focus on them first.
  6. The time is now: Tomorrow won’t do, the clock is ticking. If you keep your focus and key tasks are completed the minutes and hours won’t run away with you. There are enough hours in the day. Really.
  7. Believe: I can and I will.
  8. Life-long learning: Life is a huge learning curve – embrace it.
  9. Work, rest and play: Getting the work/life balance right means you can as Kipling wrote cope with the triumphs and disasters and treat them both the same.
  10. Falling down and getting up again: You only have to remember what the amazing Mo Farrah achieved in his race at Rio to know what rewards can come if you have the courage to get back up again when you have fallen down. 

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