Top 10 Tips for... being a Great Colleague!

Top 10 Tips for... being a Great Colleague!

Top 10 Tips for being a Great Colleague!

1. Turn down the volume.  Speaking too loud on the phone or shouting across the office breaks other peoples’ concentration and gets really annoying.

2. Be clean and tidy.  There’s nothing worse than leaving your empty or half-empty coffee cups around.

3. Don’t hog the printer.  Check with others and let them know before starting a lengthy printing job so that you don’t hold other people up. 

4. Be on time.  Arrive at work on time or even a little early.  It really upsets others when colleagues regularly turn in late.  The same goes for arriving at meetings on time.

5. Keep to your space and respect your colleagues’ space.  Don’t leave your stuff on someone else’s desk, or steal their chair for one of your visitors to use.

6. Don’t eat smelly food at your desk! Your colleagues may not appreciate you eating fish and chips or a curry in the office. Find somewhere else to eat it.

7. Don’t whine constantly.  Being positive rubs off on those around you and makes for a happier workplace.

8. Be helpful towards others.  If you can manage to lend a hand to help out a colleague, it’s a great way to build a good working relationship.

9. Don’t be grumpy in the morning. We all have a time of day when we are at our best – a lark or an owl – you may not like mornings but don’t take it out on those around you.

10.  Remember to smile and take time for small talk.  Be approachable to colleagues and show you care about them as a person by passing the time of day.

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