Top 10 Tips for... Developing New Line Managers

  1. Promote people into a line manager role because of their potential to manage people well, not because they are the most technically competent member of the team.
  2. Share the big picture and clarify where the organisation is going.
  3. Help line managers to understand their role and responsibilities.
  4. Adopt a ‘live and learn’ culture rather than one that encourages ‘blame’.  Allowing people to take a calculated risk, reflecting on learning from the outcomes and implementing this learning encourages innovation.
  5. Make sure all line managers get regular feedback within an open discussion where they can contribute.
  6. Encourage the sharing of best practice in managing teams and getting the best out of their people.
  7. Ensure all line managers have a development plan that is regularly reviewed.
  8. Provide a range of learning opportunities such as mentoring, coaching, bite-size learning events and peer learning.  Establish the objectives and then provide the routes to get there.
  9. Coach line managers to drive forward their ability to manage effectively.
  10. Delegate and empower so that they learn by doing but give them the opportunity to ask for support.

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