Top 10 Tips for... Making Coaching Work for You

Making Coaching Working for You

1.      Be clear about what you want from coaching and from your coach; this way you will get the best from the intervention.

2.      When choosing a coach, ask about their credentials.  You need to be sure they have a reputable coaching qualification and experience in the right field to meet your needs.

3.      Be certain you feel comfortable with a coach so that you can be honest and open with them and feel happy to be challenged by their questions.

4.      Choose a coach who fills you with confidence and has a positive attitude.

5.      Make sure it is coaching you need and not counselling; coaching may touch on the past but the focus is more on the present and future.

6.      Check if the coach has a range of tools and techniques they can call on depending on your needs.

7.      Ask about payment arrangements and check the small print for things like cancellation charges.

8.      Ask if they carry out the first session for free to enable you to be certain that the relationship will work and your needs can be met.

Your coach should contract with you and establish ground rules for things like contact 

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