Top 10 Tips for... Managing Talent

Top 10 Tips for... Managing Talent

Sell the benefits of your organisation: Consider how you brand and market your organisation and about the culture within.  Becoming an employer of choice involves developing a culture that makes people want to work for you and stay with you.  A good strategy is to ask your employees what is good about working for you, what they value and how working for you could be even better.

Benchmark the talent within your organisation: Compare the talent within your workforce with others.  Ways of doing this can include competency frameworks, skills audits and 360° feedback.

Ensure talent management strategies support business objectives: When planning a new product or service launch for the future, for example, ensure your planning identifies the talent that will be needed to make it work and whether your organisation already has this talent or needs to secure or develop it.

Put strategies in place to retain talent: It shouldn’t just be about finding talent but also about strategies to retain it through performance management and reward processes that encourage personal growth and engagement.

Consider reward and recognition holistically: When thinking about reward and recognition it is easy to think foremost about financial-based schemes but these are often less important to people than other non-financial ways of recognising performance.  Ask people what they would value most which might include attending courses or conferences or enabling them to get involved in projects.

Use appropriate methods of developing talent: There are obviously lots of ways to develop talent such as coaching, mentoring, projects and assignments.  Talk to individuals about what would be right for them and don't forget that talented people are often motivated to manage their own learning.

Have a unified approach – Talent management spans and overlaps with a number of activities across the organisation including recruitment, learning and development, reward and retention.  Ensure that your TM strategy is integrated and linked to these processes and systems.

Implement a system of recording your talent planning: This should enable you to track progress and collect information about achievement.

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