Top 10 Tips for... Managing Attendance

Top 10 Tips for... Managing Attendance
  1.  Have a clear absence reporting procedure that employees need to follow when they cannot attend work. 
  2. Carry out Return to Work Conversations with each employee for each absence.  Training managers in how to do this will build their confidence.
  3. Put an absence management policy in place and ensure everyone understands how it operates and how it benefits both them and the business.
  4. Track and measure attendance in each department. 
  5. Analyse the information gathered about attendance.  Look out for trends and comparisons across departments.  Measure the impact of any initiatives to reduce absence.
  6. Take action based on the information gathered; for example, holding a meeting with individuals who have a pattern of absence on Fridays and Mondays; Requesting the consent of an employee to contact their Doctor for a medical report as they have been off for a number of weeks.
  7. Negotiate work patterns where this may help to improve attendance.  Evidence shows that this has a positive impact on employee engagement.
  8. Have clear procedures in place to deal with the need for emergency time off.
  9. Be proactive in promoting health and wellbeing by introducing initiatives such as lunchtime fitness sessions, health education at work and healthy social events.
  10. Make sure every team member knows what is expected of them, how they contribute to the department and the business and that they are valued.

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