Top 10 Tips for... Avoiding Return from Holiday Stress

Top 10 Tips for... Avoiding Return from Holiday Stress
  1. Have a 21-day countdown before your holiday starts so you can plan what you want to get done while you are away. 
  2. Don’t forget to schedule in setting up your ‘out of office’ messages for email and phone. 
  3. Let people know you are going to be away so that you minimise the chances of them leaving messages for you to come back to.
  4. Have a ‘wind down’ day the last day before you go on leave and use it to clear your desk, not trying to finish projects.
  5. Set your boundaries – if you really have to be accessible when on holiday, set yourself a time each day, say 9.30am to 10.30am to check emails and then leave it alone.
  6. Give yourself a break before you go on your break – plan your holiday so that you have a day to pack and prepare before you go the next day.
  7. Absorb yourself in your holiday – work will stay where it is until you get back so focus on enjoying yourself.
  8. Return from holiday a day or two before you have to go back to work so that you have time to get back into your routine, unpack and adjust ready for work.
  9. Have a catch up day on your first day back – give yourself time to get back into it all, answer emails, phone calls.
  10. Don’t overschedule your diary the first few days – it’s tempting to try and pack everything in during the first week you are back which in turn can lead to stress 

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