Top 10 Tips for... Keeping a Positive Mental Attitude

Top 10 Tips for... Keeping a Positive Mental Attitude
  1. Use positive words – choosing positive ‘can do’ vocabulary such as ‘that’s OK we’ll find a way forward’ has an impact on your mood and the mood of those around you.
  2. Know when you need to change – When you know things aren’t going how they should and it’s making you unhappy, do something to change it for the better.
  3. Plan your week and your day – Knowing what you want to achieve helps you to focus on priorities, match your longer-term goals to weekly accomplishments and complete the daily tasks you need to do to achieve your weekly goals.
  4. Accept that things don’t always go to plan – Have a plan but don’t get stressed when you have to change it.  The important thing is then adjusting your plan to get you back on track.
  5. Strive for Optimism.  – Remember that a positive mental attitude is something you work towards rather than being something you have or haven’t got.
  6. Take a look at those around you – are you mixing with others who have a negative attitude?  If so, it could affect your own attitude.  Mix with positive people.
  7. Don’t compare yourself with others – we automatically look at the great qualities others have and that makes us feel bad about ourselves.  Don’t forget all the good things about you.
  8. Make a good start to the day – Open the day with a smile and lots of energy.  Every day brings something new to do and learn.  Make the most of it.
  9. Don’t sweat the small stuff – when something goes wrong, ask yourself if it really matters.  The chances are it doesn’t so put things into perspective and you will find a way around it.
  10. Respond not React – When we respond to a problem, we think it through, find a logical solution and then take action.  When we react we lose the logical thinking part and often escalate the situation.  The former makes us enthusiastic and positive; the latter makes us negative and frustrated. 

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