Top 10 Tips for... Surviving Christmas

Top 10 Tips for... Surviving Christmas

Christmas should be a fun time for all of us but it can get quite stressful so here’s 10 tips to help you survive the season!

  1. Don’t embarrass yourself at the office Christmas party … you’ll only regret it later.
  2. Do take some time out… it’s great to spread the goodwill but make sure you get some ‘you’ time rather than trying to cram in too much activity and nights out.
  3. Don’t overdo the expense… a present doesn’t have to be hugely expensive, buying something meaningful can bring happiness without the cost.
  4. Do shop on line… it saves so much time and stress.
  5. Don’t set your expectations too high… we can try too hard to make Christmas perfect so just remember it’s about family time.
  6. Do everything in moderation!
  7. Don’t overdo the alcohol and Christmas pud… you only have to shed those pounds in January.
  8. Don’t miss out on your share of the magic… share out the jobs rather than going back to work in January exhausted.
  9. Do plan a treat after the festive season… give yourself something to look forward to after the partying is over.
  10. Do have fun … lots of it!

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