Top Ten Tips... How to Host a Great Induction

Top Ten Tips... How to Host a Great Induction

A new job means a new beginning which can be a nerve-wracking and exciting time for your new employees and that’s why it’s so important to get your induction programme right. Your company’s induction process helps to shape the first impression that a new employee may have of your business and this in turn reflects what employees can expect from you in the future.

Here are our Top Ten Tips for hosting a good work induction:

1. Tailor your induction to your business

A good induction should reflect the type of work you do. For example, if you run a creative organisation, such as a PR or marketing agency, then your new employees will expect more than a stuffy boardroom and a PowerPoint presentation. If you’re from a manufacturing background then your induction should primarily be on the shop floor where employees can discover how things work practically.

2. Get the basics right

Being creative and interesting is key, but you need to get the basics right too. It might not be the most engaging part of your induction, but you do need to explain how your routine company policies and procedures work. New employees will also want to know where the canteen is, what date pay day is and where they can park their car. Orientation is also important – don’t forget to show your new colleagues around and introduce them to key colleagues along the way.

3. Provide networking opportunities

Starting any new job, whatever level you’re at, can be a daunting experience so providing networking opportunities to meet other new colleagues will help to break the ice. Inviting senior colleagues from your organisation to the meet and greet, such as the Director or Chief Executive, is also a great way for new employees to meet influential people from your organisation straight away.

4. Mix it up

Providing an induction for staff from different departments and roles is a really good idea because it provides a great opportunity for colleagues to get to know people from across your organisation. It will help new recruits to make contacts with colleagues from different areas from day one and help provide an appreciation about what their roles also entail.

5. Discuss your code of conduct

A Code of Conduct is a firm way of showcasing how you expect your employees to reflect your company’s core values and principles and your employee induction is the perfect time to showcase this. It sets out the parameters of what is acceptable behaviour and what isn’t and will ensure your colleagues know what’s expected of them from the offset. A well written code should always have your employees (whether new or existing) at its heart.

6. Showcase your CSR strategy

A good CSR strategy (Corporate Social Responsibility) will be aligned to the type of business you deliver, should complement the kind of work you do already and be linked to the values and causes your customers also believe in. If you have a good CSR strategy it’s likely that many of the new employees at your induction will have been attracted to your business because they have the same values and commitment to the community and charities you do. Your induction is the perfect place to showcase how employees can get involved and make a difference.

7. Show how you nurture talent and ambitions

Providing training opportunities and mentoring to employees is really important to keep people feeling happy and fulfilled at work. The best way to harness your employee’s ambition from the start is to showcase what you do to help upskill employees or provide opportunities to excel in their new role as part of your CPD programme. It might be that you have a mentoring programme or access to internal training courses which you can showcase at your induction.

8. Talk about the importance of work/life balance

We spend the majority of our lives at work but balancing work life with busy families, hobbies and holidays can be tricky. Many of us can feel torn between the pressures of our work and home lives, particularly as technology now means workers are easily accessible around the clock. Showing that you are a flexible employer willing to provide lieu time for emergencies or the ability to work from home will help take the pressure off new starters and show you care about their health and wellbeing.

9. Think about work shadowing

An induction doesn’t need to simply be contained to a handful of presentations during a few hours - it could be much more fun and interactive than that. Why not arrange for new colleagues to work shadow existing employees as part of their induction? Or you could arrange for a tour of your workplace to highlight the different or unusual aspects of what you do.

10. Think about productivity

As a new employer, you shouldn’t expect a new person to slot straight into the role of a former, more experienced colleague. They’re unlikely to be as productive as they settle in and learn the ropes but an effective induction will help them to start off on the right foot. It’s the perfect time to set out your expectations and targets but to also reiterate what support and advice is on offer to support them in their new role.

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